08-15-2017 : StadiumForecast.com now secure

We are fully secure StadiumForecast.com now uses https:// to provide encryption for its users data.

07-29-2015 : Faster loading content for Dump sites

DllDump.com, OcxDump.com, and InfDump.com have been optimized for faster loading page content. Please check them out to find the missing files you need.

04-02-2013 : GolfingForecast.com Released

GolfingForecast.com has been released. Find the weather forcast for your next golf outing.

02-20-2012 : Update to Dump Sites

Our three file sites have been updated, DllDump.com, OcxDump.com, and InfDump.com. We have added a new menu bar, a help section, facebook and twitter links, along with many other enhancements. These updates will allow for easier navigation and use of the three sites.

09-12-2011 : New layout for FFWV.com

We are currently working on a new layout and design for FFWV.com, some pages might not be working.

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