About Us

Funky Fresh Web Ventures or FFWV for short was founded in 2005. Over the years we have developed numerous websites for our clients and our own company. You can see our company's current website portfolio by clicking here.

We specialize in the following

  Design and Develop Websites
  - We have developed numerous websites for both our company and clients. Whether it is a simple update to your current website or a complete redesign, we strive to build a quality website that is attractive to visitors and search engines.

  SEO Optimization
  - Even if you have the "best" website, not having the correct SEO optimization will not allow the website to be seen. We work to make every website SEO optimized to attract the most visitors as possible.

  Affiliate Marketing
  - Teaming up with the top affiliates is vital for your online business to succeed. We have experience with a large group of affiliates helping you find the right product for your website.

  Website Promotion
  - Promoting your website is key to receiving more sales and visitors. We have many tools at our disposal to allow your website to receive the traffic it needs to be successful.

We also acquire websites and domains that we believe could be an asset to our company. If you have a website or domain you would like to sell please contact us.

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